Candid Chat with Ankita Pawar on Parenting

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Ankita Pawar, a mother from Prabhadevi, shares her experience with First Crayon ( of finding her child’s first school.

How did you decide at what age to send your child to their first school?

I wanted my child to spend the first three years of her life bonding with us at home, and enjoying the freedom of home life. I felt that three years of age was appropriate for her to start preschool and socializing with other children of her age.

What were your information sources during the preschool search process? Which source was the most valuable?

While searching for a preschool for my child, I conducted a detailed search online and offline. I visited each preschool on my list, met with the staff, and spoke to them about their curriculum and facilities.

What were your 3 most important factors while choosing a preschool? Why?

Hygiene, childcare and curriculum are the factors that I concentrated on during my preschool search. Hygiene is the most important factor to me. My child is at risk of falling sick often if the premises are not clean. Since this is my child’s first step outside the house, the preschool should be friendly and warm. It should be a place where my child is comfortable. Lastly, I looked at curriculum since what my child learns in preschool will form her base in primary school.

What is the one thing that you feel you did really well during your preschool search, and other mothers should learn from you?

I visited each preschool personally. It is important to verify the credentials of the place where my child will be spending most of her time outside of the home. I would advise all mothers to visit the preschool of their choice and pay attention to how the children are taken care of before they make their final decision.

What changes do you see in your child after going to preschool?

I have seen some big changes in my child since she started preschool. Firstly, she has gotten much better at communicating her feelings. Secondly, her confidence has also improved. She is more expressive and playful now.

What is your most important tip for parents to prepare their child and themselves for the first day of preschool?

It is important for parents to motivate their child and mentally prepare them for the changes that preschool will bring to their lives. Positively condition them by talking about the fun days ahead and the opportunities to make new friends.

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