Candid Chat with Maria Lopez on Parenting

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Maria Lopez, a mother from Mahim West, shares her experience with First Crayon ( of finding her children’s first school.

How did you decide at what age to send your child to their first school?

I had heard that 30 months is the right age for a child to start nursery, so that’s when I decided to enroll my child.

What were your information sources during the preschool search process? Which source was the most valuable?

I spoke to friends and relatives to hear their first-hand experiences. I also visited their recommended preschools and all the preschools in my vicinity. Personally speaking, visiting the preschools helped me to make a better decision.

What were your 3 most important factors while choosing a preschool? Why?

Activities, play area, and facilities are the three things I concentrated on during my preschool visits. The activities to engage children are important as children can learn more by doing. In a crowded city like Mumbai, it is important for children to have a large play area to express themselves. The facilities should be top-of-the-line as I want my child to have access to the best available.

What is the one thing that you feel you did really well during your preschool search, and other mothers should learn from you?

I left no stone unturned during my preschool search. I used all available information from online, to talking to people, to visiting the schools. It is important to look at preschools from a 360-degree view before you make the decision — after all, preschool is your child’s first, and most important step into the real world.

What changes do you see in your child after going to preschool?

After going to preschool, my child started to learn a lot of things about the world. She would have something new to tell us everyday when she came home from preschool. Her cognitive abilities have also improved and she picks up things much more quickly.

What is your most important tip for parents to prepare their child and themselves for the first day of preschool?

My child settled into the preschool very easily, and I did not face any problems. I know other parents have had a harder time with their children. At the end of the day, it is just a matter of time before children get settled and comfortable in the preschool. I would advise parents to let children take their own time to settle in.

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