Candid Chat with Riddhi Hinduja on Parenting

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Riddhi Hinduja, a mother from Mahim West, shares her experience with First Crayon ( of finding her child’s first school.

How did you decide at what age to send your child to their first school?

My child is active and likes to play with other children. I wanted to keep her busy and encourage more social activity so I decided to enroll her in a preschool.

What were your information sources during the preschool search process? Which source was the most valuable?

In my society, many parents send their child to the same preschool. I inquired with the parents to understand the pros and cons of the preschool. My society parents feedback was useful — they were all happy to send their children there, so I decided to do the same.

What were your 3 most important factors while choosing a preschool? Why?

Teacher-student ratio, method of teaching and hygiene are my preferred factors. My child is small, she needs personal attention and so a low teacher-student ratio was necessary. How concepts are taught to my child was also important so that development is encouraged. I want my child to be in clean premises so that her health is not compromised.

What is the one thing that you feel you did really well during your preschool search, and other mothers should learn from you?

I chose a preschool which is close to my residence. I am lucky that a famous and popular preschool is located close by, and I took the advantage of this.

What changes do you see in your child after going to preschool?

After going to preschool she has become more active. She is learning concepts and shares her new knowledge with me. She likes books and spends time looking at them. This habit has improved her patience and concentration.

What is your most important tip for parents to prepare their child and themselves for the first day of preschool?

Be yourself. Don’t let the pressure of a formal school change how you behave with your child.

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