Exclusive Interview: Babes The Preparatory School, Mahim West by First Crayon

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Tell us more about yourself and your staff

I always wanted to be a teacher when I was a little girl. I grew up to be a commerce student but then did teacher’s training at St. Mary’s College, Pune. I took up a job at St. Paul’s Pune and then at Cannosa Convent, Mahim West. In 1998, Babes The Preparatory School was established. My staff is very regular, punctual, devoted and loving.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Love children. Everything else follows when you love them. Play is as vital to a child’s well-being as eating, breathing and sleeping. It is a path to learning and self-discovery, a generator of self-esteem and a laboratory in which a youngster can test the familiar and try out the unknown. We at Babes aim to bring up our children naturally in a PlayWay Method.

What are your key insights as an educator?

As an educator, I like to see all-round development in children. This would enhance their personality and make them excel in academics, sports and other extra curriculum activities.

What do parents love about your school?

We love our children as much as their parents would love them at home. Parents can stay as many days as they want, till their child is settled in school. Parents, relatives, siblings and ex-students are welcome to spend a day in school anytime they want. Parents are very happy to see their child excel in every field.

What is your advice for parents who would like to apply for admission to your school?

Please make sure your child attends the school regularly unless he/she is unwell. Always put yourself in the child’s place and try to understand their thoughts and needs. Please help the child by being a guide. Help your child to make his or her own decisions.

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