Exclusive Interview: Daffodils Play School, Dadar West by First Crayon

Note: For representation only

Tell us more about yourself and your staff

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and master’s degree in social work. I have experienced and an Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) specialized staff. My staff is kid friendly. I take care of my staff and my staff takes care of my children. We motivate each other everyday.

What is your teaching philosophy?

In my preschool, children are the decision makers. They decide which teacher they want to study with every day. We do experiential learning. We conduct 50 to 70 activities in an academic year.

What are your key insights as an educator?

Below 3 years, children have excellent grasping and observation power. Maximum exposure should be given to them. They carry that confidence when they go to school.

What do parents love about your school?

Parents like the transparency which I give them. I give them monthly planner of what we are going to do in an academic year. They like the creativity we use in teaching. Children create their own games and we guide them.

What is your advice for parents who would like to apply for admission to your school?

I take admissions in January. My advice to parents is that don’t keep your children at home. They get good exposure in preschool. Send your child to nearby preschools.

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Source: Daffodils Play School’s Facebook Page