Exclusive Interview: Kids Gurukulam Preschool and Daycare, Mahim West by First Crayon

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Tell us more about yourself and your staff

I am a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Mumbai university. Being tactful, balanced and passionate about children, I find myself in the right place. I demonstrate strong leadership skills and have the capacity to stressful situations. I am calm and offer completely unbiased opinion to settle matters. I make it a point to listen to parents and teachers. Teachers are wonderful. They are kind, nurturing and attentive to the emotional and academic well-being of children.

What is your teaching philosophy?

According to me, a school principal serves as an educational leader. He/she is responsible for managing the policies, regulations and procedures to ensure that all students are in a safe, learning environment that meets the approved curriculum and vision of the school. As the principal, it is my job to embody the ideals of education.

What are your key insights as an educator?

I have a few goals. I aim to achieve that. This allows me to measure my success as well. My first aim is to establish a positive attitude towards education. Secondly, I want to develop independence and confidence in my preschoolers. I also want to teach my preschoolers to interact positively with one another and respect each other’s differences.

What do parents love about your school?

In our school, the environment is very friendly. Children develop a sense of independence from parents. We encourage the child to behave independently. We assign them daily chores. We let them solve simple problems for themselves. We encourage interaction between parents and teachers. There is a lovely matted floor covered in alphabets. We share the school’s CCTV IP address with all the parents. This is what parents love about our school.

What is your advice for parents who would like to apply for admission to your school?

Spend time in making your decision. Do not choose the first option that comes your way. After you have shortlisted your options, take out time to visit the preschool and interact with the teachers and principal. All of this requires you to not wait till the last moment. After you’ve chosen us, trust us to make the right decisions. Helicopter parenting will neither help your child nor you.

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Source: Kids Gurukulam