Exclusive Interview: Mindseed, Mahim West by First Crayon

Note: For representation only

Tell us more about yourself and your staff

My staff is not exactly staff, we are good friends and believe in team work. We bring together our thoughts and creativity to build innovation. When we come to school, the laughter and tiny smiles of children encourage all of us. Though we are all from different backgrounds, we get along very well.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Every child is born genius. We have a personalized curriculum. At Mindseed we identify your child’s inherent interests and talents to create an individualized curriculum for him/her. Our revolutionary learning — 1 child 1 curriculum. A very immersive learning.

What are your key insights as an educator?

The world has changed but not education. As an educator, we need to unlock each person’s learning potential. This will enable life long success for each individual. We need to replace the rote learning with a skill based curriculum and the traditional factory model with personalized methods. Classrooms now need to be a more child led than teacher led.

What do parents love about your school?

  1. Our app (Mindseed app) which gives parents an insight what their child is learning and how
  2. Child led classrooms and personalized curriculum
  3. Open and well-lit classrooms
  4. The warmth, positivity, love and affection for teachers
  5. Hygiene is well maintained
  6. Secure environment

What is your advice for parents who would like to apply for admission to your school?

A preschool is a child’s second home. It is filled with love, warmth, affection, hygiene and security. So, at home (Mindseed) we have much more. Mindseed replaces learning with mastery of skills.

You can view the preschool’s detailed profile by visiting the following link: https://www.firstcrayon.com/preschool/Mindseed-Mahim/
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Source: Mindseed