Exclusive Interview: Saraswati Mandir Education Society’s School, Mahim West by First Crayon

Note: For representation only

Tell us more about yourself and your staff

By education, I am M.A.M.Ed and P.G.D.M.E. I was an English literature language teacher. I taught at ICSE and IB schools. Grammar is my expertise. I conduct workshops for teachers, to make them teach grammar in an interactive way. My staff is efficient and willing to learn.

What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe in an activity-based curriculum. We like to follow new techniques of creativity, imagination and problem-solving. The children should be happy, not stressed when they come to school.

What are your key insights as an educator?

As an educator, I want to make teaching and learning as per the requirement of today’s students. I like to teach them the way they want. I believe in giving equal importance to written, spoken, academics and extra-curricular activities.

What do parents love about your school?

Fees are very reasonable. We implemented abacus which enhances Maths. We implemented speech and drama which enhances English. We focus on the all-round development of a child.

What is your advice for parents who would like to apply for admission to your school?

Parents are getting all amenities and facilities under one roof at affordable fees with an efficient staff. We provide quality based education. We prepare the child to sustain in this competitive world. We are moulding them not only to be literate but also humane.

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